Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits:

Yoga has both its preventive and therapeutic cures over ailing mind and body. Yoga improves all the problems associated with the body, like:

  • increases flexibility in muscles and various muscular joints,
  • strengthens the spinal cord,
  • recovers back aches,
  • improves muscular skeletal conditions, digestion and elimination,
  • stimulates glands and endocrinal system,
  • improves heart condition,
  • proper blood circulation,
  • recovers breathing disorder,
  • boosts immune response,
  • decreases cholesterol, diabetes,
  • maintains blood pressure level,
  • increases the stamina and
  • maintains a balance and grace all over.

Psychic Cure:


Yoga releases stress, fatigue which has become the seat of all disorders in a modern life. It relieves the body from any kind of muscular strain or chronic strain, refreshes the body from fatigue, stress and body aches, helps to relax the body and mind, increases concentration and awareness, and frees the spirit. 

Yoga as a Life Saving Tool: 


Doctors around the world have echoed that Hatha yoga can relieve a number of potential life threatening diseases like arthritis, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, AIDS, diabetes, asthma, obesity etc.

Yoga Higher Than Other Exercises:


Daily yoga is considered to be higher than mere performing of exercises. Yoga helps one to establish integrity among his outer self as well as his inner. If the postures are done correctly then yoga breeds a positive effect both in the inner and outer selves of an individual. Exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, biking can only look after the physical development of the body, whereas, yoga brings peace of mind, refreshes the body, releases stress, brings in good health, relaxation and happiness.

Yoga is For All: 


Yoga bends over all human beings of all ages with positive and happy effect.

  • For children yoga is fun which enhances better memory, better concentration level, physical fitness and discipline of mind. 

  • For teenagers, yoga helps them to restore their youthful energies into constructive work. 

  • It creates a positive vibe around the youngster thereby preventing any negative influence and helps him to regain his inner strength. 

  • In old age, yoga plays a vital role in recovering severe ailments and any muscular complications. 

  • During pregnancy, yoga helps a mother to cope up with the stress and fatigue thereby resuming her energies and happiness. Yoga also promotes good health to the child in her womb. 

  • Yoga is helpful in modern living as it counteracts numerous problems of modern existence. 

  • Daily performance of Asanas will uplift physical condition of a man and regular meditation increases his power of concentration and other latent spiritual powers.

Internal Transformation: 


Besides, healing all physical disorders, yoga also heals the grossness that exists inside a mind and soul. It helps in releasing them thereby maintaining a harmony all through the body. It helps a man to strike a balance between his physical, mental and spiritual selves.

Establishes a Unity With The Divinity:


While your body remains in tune with your selves (physical, mental, spiritual) you start to establish a harmonious relationship with your inner self, thereby gaining a complete knowledge of one-self. This is what yoga aims at – Complete ‘self-development’ and total ‘self-realization’. Thus the mind is purified to be immersed in complete self-knowledge which results in perfect and virtuous living that every man craves for.


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