Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Healing with Hessonite

Hessonite is also called Cinnamon Stone, or Zircon. Its Sanskrit name is gomedak and the Hindi name is gomed. The hessonite is the gemstone of the planet Rahu and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.

A good-quality gomed gemstone of Rahu, is one that reflects the color of the urine of a cow, that is, having a nice honey color. It is a silicate of zirconium and is commonly found in igneous rocks but is fairly rare as a gemstone. Zircon has a considerable range of colors and is found in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and brown shades. Blue and green hessonite or the white colorless variety of hessonite are not associated with Rahu. 

A pure and transparent hessonite having a delicate hue, brilliance, luster, and uniform color neutralizes the evil effects of Rahu, and if Rahu is well posited it gives beneficial results during its major period and subperiods, removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth. 

Some Qualities of a Good Hessonite
1. color similar to the clear urine of a cow
2. transparency
3. high specific gravity
4. brilliance
5. uniform color
Some Flaws of a Hessonite
1. dullness
2. fibrous
3. rough
4. having a hole or dents
5. flat
6. having a black spot
Some tests for Identification of Real Hessonite
1. If a real hessonite is left in cow's urine for twenty-four hours the color of the urine changes.
2. Real hessonite is devoid of concentric rings of air bubbles.
Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Hessonite 

A hessonite should be bought on a Saturday when Adra Nakshatra or Kshat Bhikha Nakshatra is present. In an ascending moon cycle, in the morning before 10 A.M. and given to the jeweler the same day. The weight should not be less than 4 rattikas. The hessonite should be set in a ring made of the five metals recommended for blue sapphire or in a ring made of iron or steel. The mounting should have an open back to allow the gemstone to touch the finger. The best time to wear a hessonite is two hours after sunset.

Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of Hessonite 

Hessonite pishthi or oxide gives luster to the skin, improves the faculty of reasoning and thinking, gives strength to dhatus (body and semen), and gives longevity, among others. It also cures disorders created by Rahu. 

Chief Sources of Hessonite 

India, Burma, Sri Lanka.


  1. Gomed is gemstone of shadow planet Rahu . The shadow planet Rahu is supposed to be responsible for all sorts of delays or very late fulfillment of ambitions. Gomedh can help in achieving speedy success in less time than expected. Gomedh also improves dealing with people and protects its wearer from sudden misfortunes. This is normally reddish-chocolate in colour. Gomedh is cold in nature. It cures diseases caused by affliction of Rahu and Saturn. It also increases appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth and happiness and all round prosperity. It is said to be the best gem to avert stomach ailments, disaster, insanity, and evil spirits. There is no equal to Rahu when it comes to giving Upliftment in Name and Fame , Sudden Luck Gambling, which is probably the reason why Western astrologers regard it as the greatest benefic force.


  2. Hessonite is a gemstone for planet Rahu. It is also stated as Hessonite-Gemstone for good luck