Thursday, 22 September 2011

The three doshas

The three humors are responsible for the functioning of the human organism according to the Ayurveda. When the three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha reside undisturbed in their proper organs and tissues, the organism is supported by them and is in balance. When disturbed, they cause disease and deterioration of the body.

Of all of them, Vata (Wind) is the key. Pitta and Kapha cannot move from their centers unless the air within the body carries them.
Vata (Wind) Air and Akasha Prana Vata Chest region
    Udana Vata Thoracic and throat region
    Samana Vata Hearth and navel region
    Vyana Vata Hearth and circulatory vessels
    Apana Vata Pelvic region
Pitta (Bile) Fire and Water Pachaka Pitta Liver and pancreas
    Ranjaka Pitta Liver and spleen
    Sadhaka Pitta Hearth
    Alochaka Pitta Eyes
    Bhrajaka Pitta Skin
Kapha (Mucus) Water and Earth Kledaka Kapha Stomach
    Avalambaka Kapha Hearth, chest and lower back regions
    Bodhaka Kapha Mouth, Tongue and throat
    Tarpaka Kapha Head (cerebrospinal fluid)
    Sleshaka Kapha Joints


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