Thursday, 22 September 2011

Comments on Western diet

How would you classify the typical Western diet? 
For those who are health conscious, I think they should avoid it. I would not say that those who are eating that fast-food diet are bad people, but I don't think they have any great understanding about food nor about life's actual purpose for that matter. They are rather unfortunate, because in a sense anyone on that diet lives only to die. The American diet is spreading around the world, but in Delhi in India, McDonald's went out of business, and Coca Cola is having great difficulty. 

In what direction do you see the Western diet moving in the future? 

Food is a necessity, not a luxury. Food should not be treated as carelessly as it is nowadays. It is common in this country to see someone walking down the street eating "fast food" on the run. Large-scale manufacturers of food do not concern themselves with the question of consciousness and vibration in regard to preparation. There are many people who have no time to think about food. They simply eat when they are hungry, and are not particularly interested in what, how, or where they eat. Others are led only by taste. Only a few realize the importance of understanding the relationship between our food and our living habits. Unfortunately, whatever is easier will become more popular, because at least in the West, man has no time.


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