Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cooked or raw food?

You recommend cooked foods over raw foods. Why?

Harish Johari :

Whatever you eat raw is then "cooked" within the body.

Most people do not have the necessary digestive power to eat many raw foods. Humanity has mastered the element of fire, which reduces the expenditure of energy required by the intestines. Body heat and stomach acids provide the catalysts for digestive action. The human body is not geared for eating only raw fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. Foods such as these are more difficult to digest. They require more energy to digest.

The obvious path of least resistance is cooked vegetarian food, with raw foods like fruits, salads, nuts and sprouted beans and seeds eaten within an hour and a half after preparation. 

Cooking is also necessary to kill certain bacteria. If you do eat raw foods such as salads, oil or lemon is necessary for the same purpose. Only a few things can be eaten raw; most foods must be cooked. Civilized humanity knows how to cook food and use spices.


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